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iSale Upgrade

iSale 5 includes a new research tool and a template editor to help you quickly and effectively put your auctions online. Get iSale 5 today at a special discounted price! Take a look at the iSale 5 features!

FREE BONUS: iSale 5 Licenses also work with iSale 4!

Due to new features, iSale 5 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard). If you're still using 10.4 (Tiger), you can still purchase this! The clue: All iSale 5 licenses (full versions and upgrades) will also activate iSale 4.

So get iSale 5 today, use the included full version of iSale 4 on Tiger - and once you've upgraded to Leopard, switch to iSale 5 without any additional cost!

How to get License Upgrades?

Depending on your current license, we offer discounted Version Upgrades (like iSale 4.x to iSale 5.x) and Edition Upgrades (like Stationery Pack Single Edition to Stationery Pack Family Edition). To upgrade your license, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Visit my.equinux.com and login with your equinux ID that stores your current license
  2. Please click on the "Upgrade Details..." button next to it
  3. Select your Upgrade Product (Cross Upgrade or Version Upgrade) and put it into your shopping cart
  4. Complete your order
  5. Download iSale 5, install it and activate it with your equinux ID and password.
    An Activation Code is not required!

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