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Battery Information
We are required by law to display the following information regarding battery disposal. Please read the following information carefully.

Disposal of batteries - Important notice
Batteries of any kind may not be disposed of with normal household waste. You are obliged by law to correctly dispose batteries either at a communal recycling point or by returning them to the place of purchase at no additional cost to you.
You can also return batteries to equinux free of charge in person or alternatively send a stamped addressed envelope to: equinux AG, Dr.-Johann-Heitzer-Str. 4, 85757 Karlsfeld/Munich, Germany.
This applies to all batteries which contain hazardous materials and display a crossed out wheeled bin similar to the one shown. Watch out for the following chemical symbols: "Cd" for Cadmium, "HG" for Mercury and "Pb" for Lead.

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